Violence, Desire, and the Sacred, Volume 1 by Scott Cowdell [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Violence, Desire, and the Sacred, Volume 1 ePub, PDF, Kindle, Doc versions Available Violence, Desire and the Sacred presents the most up-to-date inter-disciplinary work being developed with the ground-breaking insights of Rene Girard's mimetic theory. The collection showcases the work of outstanding scholars in mimetic theory and how they are applying and developing Girard's insights in a variety of fields. Girard's mimetic insight has provided a fruitful way for different disciplines, such as literature, anthropology, theology, religion studies, cultural studies, and philosophy, to engage on common anthropological ground, with a shared understanding of the human person. The aim of this edited collection is to present this interdisciplinary work and to illustrate how Girard's insights provide fertile ground for bringing together disparate disciplines in a shared purpose. As academic work on Girard's insights is growing, this collection would meet the need to show the critical, interdisciplinary applications of these insights.

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  • Title: Violence, Desire, and the Sacred, Volume 1
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  • ISBN: 978-1628925685
  • Release date: 27.02.2014
  • 312 pages
  • Archive include: ePub, PDF, doc, kindle versions