Jokes : Have a Laugh and Improve Your English by Adrian Wallwork [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Who doesn't like a good joke? There are hundreds of joke collections in book format and on the web, but non specifically intended for non-native speakers.With this book readers not only read a joke, but they become actively involved in a learning exercise. This is achieved by presenting jokes in different formats such as:one joke with several possible punchlines: readers prove their understanding of the joke by choosing the correct punchlinethree jokes and three punchlines: readers match the jokes with the right punchlinesone joke but all the sentences in the joke have been mixed up: readers have to put the sentences in the correct orderone joke with certain key words removed and put into a box below the joke: the reader has to insert the words from the box into the right blank spaces in the joke.

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  • Title: Jokes : Have a Laugh and Improve Your English
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG
  • ISBN: 978-3319672465
  • Release date: 25.11.2017
  • 92 pages
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