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Karl Barth's Theology of Relations, Volume 1 ePub, PDF, Kindle, Doc versions Available This work, originally published as one volume in the Peter Lang series, Issues in Systematic Theology, is now available in two volumes. In the first volume, Gary Deddo shows how Barth grasped the nature of relations as intrinsic to the being and act of the Triune God and to God's relations to us and our relationship to God in Christ. Deddo then completes his comprehensive survey showing how Barth saw the reality of the divine relationships analogically pertains, by grace, to humanity and its creaturely relationships. Barth's doctrine of God, Christology, and theological anthropology are all intrinsically onto-relational (to borrow a term coined by Thomas F. Torrance). In the second volume, Deddo shows how Barth's relational theology is intrinsically ethical. As a case study Deddo explicates Barth's ethical teaching on the relationship between parents and children found in section 54 of his chapter on Freedom in Fellowship in CD, III/4. He further demonstrates the relevance and fruitfulness of Barth's theology of relations for critically engaging other theological and non-theological views of the family and for shedding ethical light on a wide range of contemporary issues facing families, especially in the North American context. Karl Barth is known for his insight into the inseparability of act and being in God. What is less recognized is that Barth's theological understanding of dynamic, covenantal relationship is also essential to his doctrine of the Triune God, his Christology and theological anthropology. God is revealed in Jesus Christ to be one in act, being and relation. Humanity is revealed in Jesus Christ to be essentially a unity of act, being and relation. The failure to see the ethical implications of Barth's theology can be traced in large part to the failure to gasp how Barth's understanding of God's being and act is also essentially relational. Deddo's work corrects this oversight and opens up the door to better comprehension of Barth's trinitarian doctrine of God, his Christology, anthropology and ethics. ""Gary Deddo has provided us with a meticulous analysis on Barth's theological understanding of human personhood. The ethical implications of this are clearly set forth with reference to the crucible of the family. His work deserves attention both for its valuable exposition of one of the lesser known aspects of Barth's work and for its positive contribution in developing a critical theology of the family."" —David A. S. Fergusson, Professor of Divinity and Principal of New College, University of Edinburgh ""Gary Deddo succeeds in a marvelous way of demonstrating Karl Barth's relevance as a practical theologian. Those who are familiar with Barth's relational theological anthropology will be impressed with the way in which this book traces out the contours of the intra-divine character of personal being-in-relation as the objective grounds for human parent-child relations. No one who sets out to determine biblical and theological assumptions for the ethical concerns for quality of life for persons in families can afford to ignore this book. Critical interaction with contemporary theological and psychosocial approaches to issues such as parenting, gender, child-rearing, childlessness, adoption, church and family, makes this a valuable theological resource for educators, counselors, and pastors. This book will be required reading for my own students in Theology of the Family classes. I wish that I could require it for all pastors and those who intend to do serious theological reflection on critical issues in family life ministry."" —Ray S. Anderson, (1925-2009), Former Senior Professor of Theology and Ministry Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California Gary W. Deddo (PhD, University of Aberdeen, Scotland) is currently President and Professor of Theology of Grace Communion Seminary, Glendora, CA. He serves as Executive Board Member of the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship and was its foun

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