Landmark Essays on Rhetoric of Science: Case Studies by Randy Harris [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Rhetoric of science studies how scientists persuade and dissuade each other (that's the way they make knowledge), and the rest of us (that's the way they make change), about matter and molecules and life. This field is represented here by 15 landmark essays which centrally contribute to science studies, rhetorical criticism, and argumentation. The first edition of Landmark Essays in Rhetoric of Science: Case Studies, featuring Harris's celebrated introduction, helped launch the Landmark series. It made a vital impact in the then-nascent field of rhetoric of science, and has shaped it ever since. This updated edition, with a revised introduction, retains all of the original landmark essays, and adds major contributions to the field appearing since the first edition, including work by Leah Ceccarelli, James Wynn, and Carolyn Miller.

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  • Title: Landmark Essays on Rhetoric of Science: Case Studies
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  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • ISBN: 978-1138695887
  • Release date: 23.10.2017
  • 332 pages
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