Dead Pets Don't Lie by Joe Ardis [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Dog Behavior Expert and Certified Professional Trainer/Instructor Joe Ardis teams up with best-selling investigative author Donna Howell to sound the alarm on shocking practices in the commercial pet food industry. Within these pages, readers are shown the scandalous production practices of leading commercial pet food manufacturers who are knowingly passing off harmful, detestable, and poisonous ?foods? as vitamin-rich, healthy, nutritious, complete, and balanced meals for animals across the states. DISCOVER: *Why pets are becoming terminally ill and dying prematurely as a result of eating commercial foods *What the ?big commercial lie? actually is, and how food manufacturers are getting away with, and profiting from, deceiving the public *How the FDA has turned a blind eye to devastating food-handling procedures, refusing to regulate appropriately, and how they make it nearly impossible for pet owners to confront the system *Explosive evidence involving animal rendering plants, and the health concerns raised by medical experts *How euthanized and diseased animals (including dogs and cats from vet clinics) are making their way into pet food, and the danger that presents to your animals *How genetically modified (GMO) crops, as well as moldy and contaminated grains, are affecting the health of current, as well as future, pet generations *How to quickly and easily make sense of pet food labels, as well as how to spot major red flags *How to avoid harmful preservatives, dyes, and unnecessary fillers *The three categories of pet diets, and how to assess which of them will be the best fit for your lifestyle *What your pet?s nutritional needs are, and steps you can take to meet them Read why Thomas R. Horn, best-selling author, was shocked by ?the measure to which the industry has knowingly participated in providing the most nutritionally void, dangerous ?foods? to pet owners?and the lengths at which they will travel to keep their detestable food practices a secret while masquerading their products as ?healthy? with clever advertising schemes and suspect endorsements.?

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  • Title: Dead Pets Don't Lie
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Defender
  • ISBN: 978-0996409520
  • Release date: 01.11.2015
  • 259 pages
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