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Alcestis - Euripides - 430 BCE - Translated by Richard Aldington - An Athenian Tragedy - Alcestis is an Athenian tragedy by the ancient Greek playwright Euripides. It was first produced at the City Dionysia festival in 438 BCE. Euripides presented it as the final part of a tetralogy of unconnected plays in the competition of tragedies, for which he won second prize; this arrangement was exceptional, as the fourth part was normally a satyr play. Its ambiguous, tragicomic tone?which may be "cheerfully romantic" or "bitterly ironic"?has earned it the label of a "problem play." Alcestis is, possibly excepting the Rhesus, the oldest surviving work by Euripides, although at the time of its first performance he had been producing plays for 17 years.The categorization of Alcestis has been a subject of debate among literary critics. It employs both tragic and comic elements, and when first performed occupied a slot that was generally reserved for satyr plays. Conacher explores how Euripides expanded the myth of Admetus and Alcestis, and added elements of comedy and folk tales. Beye also discusses legendary and fairy tale aspects of the play.

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