Dual Lives : From the Streets to the Studio by Professor of English and Comparative Literary Studies Michael Bell (Am [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

In Dual Lives, renowned American artist and 3-time national award-winning "Teacher of the Year" Michael Bell has written an inspiring and brutally candid memoir that chronicles his meteoric rise to becoming one of the most highly decorated public school teachers in America, all the while, living out a storied and often controversial professional painting career as "Mob Artist" to America's most infamous.Go behind the scenes with his intriguing clientele on how these friendships also fueled his career-from John Gotti to Al Capone's great-nephew, Dominic Capone to numerous actors from "the Sopranos," "Goodfellas," "A Bronx Tale," and more. Then, take a roller coaster crusade through the ever-changing, volatile landscapes of the art world and a US public education system that has begun placing more of an emphasis on "data mining" than on "building relationships."This is the ultimate story of overcoming extreme adversity and being a true champion for today's youth from someone still in the trenches, still at the top of his game. And, in the education arena, Bell has done the unprecedented. His students have earned tens of millions in scholarships; 7 back-to-back NAEA Rising Star Awards in art-an award presented to just one student artist in the entire nation annually; and 8 Scholastic Art National Medalists 3 years straight.Bell also discusses the impact of his family life on his art-on the tragic stillbirth of his sister; on his lifelong relationship with his Grandmother, Violet, a self-taught artist from Lyndhurst, New Jersey; on his inspiring son, Carmen, ("Lil' C"), and his battles with Autism while on his quest to become a Golden Gloves boxing champion. Then there's Bell's notorious cousin Vinnie, who was part of the longest double-murder trial in the history of the State of New Jersey. Learn how Bell, himself, went from being a troubled youth once facing twenty-years-to-life to saving one of his own students from a similar fate nearly two decades later.Dual Lives is passionately written, and just as courageously vulnerable as the compelling narratives found within Bell's paintings. So, ride shotgun alongside Michael Bell throughout his meteoric rise across two very different worlds-from the streets to the studio.Excerpt from the Foreword by PETER J. GOTTIDECEMBER 16, 2014Hello Michael, this is Peter Gotti. Please contact me as soon as you possibly can, I have a time sensitive project that I need to come to decision on immediately. Thanks, Michael."At the time of that phone call, I had no idea that Michael Bell would have such a profound effect on my life, like he would so many others. Up until that moment, I only knew of Michael 'the Artist', who, for whatever odd reason, my father, John Gotti, saved and savored a letter from, many years prior. I had little idea of Michael Bell the teacher, father, husband, inspiration, complex leader, and most important of all, true friend.You will learn from Michael that pictures are filled with stories, and each of us has a story to tell. Thus, on that December day, my family and I were blessed enough to have Michael enter our souls, where he will reside until his last breath.Michael proves on a daily basis what is possible if you show your students that you truly care and if you are willing to go all the way, commit heart and soul to entering the student's world one can and will 'make champions.'Along the balancing act of exploring the complex mind that Michael is blessed and cursed to have...you're left to wonder if the perfect storm of unique personalities, characters, family, and steady burning fire inside him contributed to the creation of Michael 'the Teacher' and his fascinating and thoroughly impressive record in public education.My belief is...Michael hasn't even begun to paint his masterpiece." - Peter J. Gotti

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  • Release date: 10.06.2017
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