Imagine the Moon : A Primer of Full Moon Names by Gerald Fierst [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

?The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to,? Carl Sandburg wrote. In fact, the moon has many of the traits we want in our friends?constant in its presence, reliable in its cycle, illuminating the changing seasons, and inspiring us to hope and dream.The moon holds fascination for kids of all ages, as it is one of the few celestial objects we can see with the naked eye. Students can easily observe its phases and rotation in order to understand the Earth-Sun-Moon system.In Imagine the Moon, Gerald Fierst marries poetic imagery with fascinating expository text to create a compelling introduction to the calendar?s full moon names. Leslie Stall Widener?s richly detailed ink-and-watercolor illustrations guide the reader through the natural rhythms of the changing seasons as illuminated under the full moon.

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  • Title: Imagine the Moon : A Primer of Full Moon Names
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  • Publisher: Plum st Pub Inc
  • ISBN: 978-1945268021
  • Release date: 10.05.2017
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