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Disc Encyclopedia ePub, PDF, Kindle, Doc versions Available The goal has traditionally been: How can you improve performance and change behavior by using the results? The typical approach - training, coaching, reassessing - is cost prohibitive and is, to a large extent, impractical except for the top echelon of corporate management personnel. Now, with DISC results in hand and the appropriate knowledge contained in the DISC Encyclopedia, every person will have the keys to effectively unlock the answer to the "Now What?" The reader will understand Theory, Practicality, and Implementation: - Behavioral Flexing: Adapting your behavior is the key to success. Knowing how to read any situation and understand how and when to 'dial up' or 'dial down' the appropriate DISC Factors and DISC Sub-factors(TM) leads to enhanced persuasion abilities, the capacity to interact and communicate more effectively, greater confidence, better overall results (especially when working with others), and finally, a sense of power. - DISC Factors: These are the four building blocks of behavior that provide positive and negative stress indicators when an individual must make choices or act. - DISC Sub-factors(TM) The relationship between a pairing of two DISC factors - including how to situationally flex or long-term morph behavior - at will. - 3rd Party Perception: Many people see themselves one way, while their peers may see them in an entirely different way. This difference in perception is the root cause of conflict, misunderstandings, mistrust, and ultimately can cause a bevy of problems. The DISC encyclopedia will provide the know-hoe and skills necessary to avoid any of these negative outcomes.

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  • Title: Disc Encyclopedia
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  • Publisher: Indaba Training Specialists
  • ISBN: 978-1585702503
  • Release date: 06.09.2011
  • 308 pages
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