Early Beatles in the News (Volume Four) by Colin Barratt [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Early Beatles in the News (Volume Four) ePub, PDF, Kindle, Doc versions Available Early Beatles In the News Volume Four - One of a series of personal scrapbooks of Beatles cuttings from magazines and newspapers published in the 1960's UK. Interviews; adverts; tour news; rumours are all here! This volume contains all 'new' articles which did not appear in other books in the series. Over 120 pages! A must for any Beatles fan. The vast majority of cuttings won't have been seen since their one and only publication almost 50 years ago. Now's your opportunity to read how the world were being kept informed at that exciting time about the Fab Four.

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  • Title: Early Beatles in the News (Volume Four)
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  • Publisher: Lulu.com
  • ISBN: 978-1326447601
  • Release date: 13.10.2015
  • 124 pages
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