Geometric Design Coloring Book by John H Lettau [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Geometric Design Coloring Book was designed with the main objective of having a collection of geometric designs in book form as a coloring book but it has other uses as well. The designs can be incorporated into any art program at all grade levels, are usable as quilt patterns by quilters and may be colored just for the fun of creating interesting designs. For The elementary teachers this is an excellent opportunity to use the designs in a classroom art lesson. Teaching students about the color wheel is and example of how the designs can be useful. This is a good time to discuss the primary, yellow and blue. When red, yellow and blue are mixed all other colors are created. Orange, green and purple are secondary colors made when two of the primary colors are mixed. This is a good time to actually have the students mixed colors. After discussions about primary colors and mixing colors it is time to use the various pages to create works of art. Allow students to experiment as they select various color combinations. Teachers are permitted to make enough copies for classroom assignments.

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  • Title: Geometric Design Coloring Book
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  • ISBN: 978-1481896771
  • Release date: 11.01.2013
  • 106 pages
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