The Weekend Novelist Redrafts the Novel by Robert J. Ray [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

The Weekend Novelist Redrafts the Novel ePub, PDF, Kindle, Doc versions Available Very few writers succeed in creating a well-balanced novel straight away - rewriting and editing a novel is an important stage in the creative process. This companion to The Weekend Novelist shows you how to perfect your first draft and prepare it for submission to an agent or publisher.The writer is taken through a step-by-step process, which has been divided into a series of weekend programmes. By working through these steps, the writer learns how to rebuild their novel in a logical way, beginning first with the story structure and moving on to style revisions.

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eBook info

  • Title: The Weekend Novelist Redrafts the Novel
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  • ISBN: 978-0713682793
  • Release date: 30.11.2007
  • 272 pages
  • Archive include: ePub, PDF, doc, kindle versions