Storytelling and Theatre by Mike Wilson [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Storytelling and Theatre ePub, PDF, Kindle, Doc versions Available This will be of particular interest to undergraduates of performing arts and the substantial community of those engaged in storytelling, filling a noticeable void in an emerging field of scholarship. Michael Wilson addresses the recent rise of storytelling as a professional performance art by providing a critical survey of current practice and a critical framework for those debates currently taking place, and those debates which will undoubtedly emerge in future. The text includes critical analysis of a range of practices alongside interviews with key contemporary practitioners about their work.

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eBook info

  • Title: Storytelling and Theatre
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Palgrave USA
  • ISBN: 978-1403906649
  • Release date: 10.12.2005
  • 240 pages
  • Archive include: ePub, PDF, doc, kindle versions