Deuteronomy by Norman Lamm [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Deuteronomy ePub, PDF, Kindle, Doc versions Available Between 1952 and 1976, a young, erudite synagogue rabbi named Norman Lamm captivated his congregants with dynamic pulpit sermons. He challenged his audiences to filter out the noise and distractions of modern American life by listening to the divine voice, delving into the wisdom of the Torah. Derashot LeDorot is a selection of essays based on these stirring sermons, culled from the files of the Lamm Archives of Yeshiva University. Each essay features reflections on the weekly parasha, brilliantly illustrating Rabbi Lamm's masterful pedagogy, deep intellectual rigor, and staunch commitment to the word of God. Today, Rabbi Lamm's words remain as inspiring as they were when first delivered, passing on his wisdom to the next generations.

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  • Title: Deuteronomy
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  • Publisher: Toby Press Ltd
  • ISBN: 978-1592643967
  • Release date: 01.07.2014
  • 848 pages
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